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WLC-7 İzmir

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WLC-7 İzmir

 10.000 m2 closed storage area

• 12.000 pallet capacity

• 1,000 m2 logistics service area

 2.000 m2 open storage area

 Vehicle acceptance and delivery platforms / ramps

 Euro pallet and Usa pallet storage and distribution services

 Vehicle loading and unloading, battery powered pallet truck, reach truck services

 Storage, order acceptance, handling, product consolidation, product return, shipment services

• Periodic promotional product preparation processes and services

 New and modern facility structure

 Rack, hanger and partition systems in accordance with global standards

 Dedicated room services suitable for on-site project work

• Logistics environment with a clean, tidy and professional operation

• A source of highly educated personnel with high sectoral knowledge

• Systems with advanced technology infrastructure providing 100% inventory accuracy

• Nearly 100% trouble-free, damage-free and error-free operational services

 24/7 security service

• Facility structure and personnel resource compliant with Occupational Health and Safety rules

 7 days of operational service including weekend

 Certified facilities in accordance with logistics and distribution center standards

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