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We make detailed plans for successful results.

Process Management

We monitor and control every stage of business processes.


We try to improve and optimize business processes.


We use up-to-date technologies in our management system.

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The Global Partner

About Us

As WMS Partner, we provide operational and software solutions in accordance with global standards in every field related to logistics services. In the system developed with the "pay as you use" method, you will encounter a payment for the services you need. With all our solutions, we save your business from unnecessary costs and offer value added services.

  • Product Acceptance and Control Services
  • Storage and Stock Control Services
  • Packaging and Handling Services
  • Shipment and Planning Services
  • Return Process Services
  • Periodic Logistics Operation Services
  • Counting and Control Services
A Right Choice at Every Stage


E-com Operations

We plan and carry out all your e-commerce logistics operations with our expert team.

Micro Logistics Management

We provide full support to you in the processes related to your logistics area operations and reduce your operating costs.

Order Management

With our order management service, your customer, supplier and manufacturer orders are processed on time.

Stock Management

With our stock management service, we analyze your business processes well and provide maximum stock turnover and minimum stock cost.

Software and Integration

We offer special software, integrations and reports for your business processes, and we ensure that you follow your business at any time with an online connection.

Installation and Optimization

We make warehouse, logistics area and supply chain system installations, we optimize your existing system on the basis of efficiency.

Why WMS Partner?

Performance and Efficiency

As WMS Partner, we increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction to the highest levels by making careful planning regarding performance and process management.

Customer Satisfaction
Operational Efficiency
Daily Shipment / Order Rate
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The Value Added Solution Partner

WMS Partner Solutions

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WLC-1 Pendik

- Logistics Facilities and Warehouse Areas
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WLC-2 Tuzla

- Logistics Facilities and Warehouse Areas
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WLC-3 Ataşehir

- Logistics Facilities and Warehouse Areas
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WLC-4 Samandıra

- Logistics Facilities and Warehouse Areas
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